Sostrup Castle & Monastery is known all over for the Retreats for both executives and people looking for inner calmness.



Contact us to learn more about retreats of different kinds - you might get an even better life than you already have as well learning more about your self.

Come join us.

At Sostrup Castle we present Retreats for the executive who really wants to get in touch with him- or herself - find calm and relaxation and thereby become a better executive as well as family member.


Contact us for further information on how to develop your skills and find inner peace.


Experience a once in a lifetime new years eve at the Castle. An all inclusive party with a 5 course dinner, wines & drinks and spend the night at the Monastery.

Wake up to a wonderful brunch at the Castle before returning home - or why not stay another night.

Call us at +45 8844 1200 og send us an email at info@sostrup.org if you want to hear more about this event.

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