25-26 May

ombating Stress - A Unity in Duality Approach

Indo-Tibetan Dream Wisdom 25th-26th May


In Indi-Tibetan Dream Wisdom the dream and dream state were used for personal and spiritual development, to which the insight into our existential condition of having different levels of body, mind and reality is a perfect entrance.

July 22, 2018

Applied Philosophy - Inner-Science of Body, Mind and Reality Interrelationship

Starting May 2019 in the Nordic Countries
In the frame of Tarab Institute Sweden, Finland and
Denmark - Read the folder for more information.

At Sostrup Castle we present Retreats for the executive who really wants to get in touch with him- or herself - find calm and relaxation and thereby become a better executive as well as family member.


Contact us for further information on how to develop your skills and find inner peace.

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